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Welcome to your Language Journey! FRENCH & SPANISH ONLINE CLASS -ALL LEVELS for Adults- Congrats & Welcome!
Yes! You will get to fluency faster, boosting your communication and comprehension.
You will gain native-like pronunciation and learn what you need to sound like a local and not a book.

Get ready for some fun & fine cultural discoveries and embark on your Language Journey!

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Traci Nissley, CA (Los Angeles)

"My daughter and I are taking a trip to Paris in October and wanted to know some French, so we can be respectful visitors. We found Miss Valerie with wonderful reviews and gave LB Lingual a try. What a treat! Miss Valerie is so awesome and went above and beyond our expectations. She was super accommodating with our schedules and had an online class that made it even easier! She is friendly and engaging and so enthusiastic! She was like a friend we met every week for a chat. She went out of her way to find what was relevant to us and geared our classes toward those experiences. We learned words, phrases and conversational French that will be current and up to date for today's Paris.
I would love to continue learning with her. She is welcome to join us any Sunday at Renaud's :-) We can't recommend her more highly!
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